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On June 26, 1999, Disneyland released (in conjunction with the Art of the Haunted Mansion special event held at the park) a 30th anniversary limited edition CD honoring the Haunted Mansion. The disc was produced by Red Dot Net, a digital on demand company, meaning that each CD is burned individually, rather than being "pressed" from a glass master disc as most mass-marketed CDs are. The discs were sold for $19.99 through the same channels that sold the now-defunct on-demand "Disneyland Forever" custom CDs, although the Haunted Mansion discs came in special pre-assembled jewel cases with a very informative booklet. The track listing, as it appeared in the booklet, is listed below.

The Haunted Mansion 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Compact Disc

Track 1: Walt Disney 0:26
In this 1965 clip from the "Disneyland 10th Anniversary" television program, Walt takes eager viewers behind-the-scenes to preview concepts for the Haunted Mansion, joined by Disney legend Marc Davis and the first Disneyland Ambassador, Julie Reihm.

Track 2: Welcome 2:02
A pair of unused introductions to the Mansion, performed by actress Eleanor Audley (Madame Leota) and brilliant voice talent Paul Frees (The Ghost Host).

Track 3: The Haunted Mansion at Disneyland 22:28
The original chills and thrills, from the first creaking threshold to the last groaning tombstone. Paul Frees "etherealizes" as our Ghost Host while Thurl Ravenscroft's distinctive bass voice resounds through the graveyard. Stay alert, though; this soundtrack assembly includes a few never-before-heard surprises.

Track 4: The Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World 1:00
When the Haunted Mansion materialized in 1971 in the Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort, it was nearly identical to the Disneyland show, with the addition of these brief but eerie audio tracks, actually recorded at the same time as the Disneyland soundtrack.

Track 5: The Haunted Mansion at Tokyo Disneyland 1:31
When Tokyo Disneyland opened in April of 1983, the Haunted Mansion was there, towering over Fantasyland. The attraction was a duplicate of the Walt Disney World show - in English - except for a chilling narration delivered by a Japanese speaking Ghost Host (T. Hori).

Track 6: Phantom Manor at Disneyland Paris 12:48
In 1990, Vincent Price recorded a narration for Phantom Manor - but the show concept changed and his narration was never used. (Editor's note from Doombuggies.com: This statement is apparently untrue. It seems that Price's narration WAS heard in the attraction, for a limited time.) Mr. Price's performance is heard hear for the first time anywhere. The entrancing musical arrangements were created by John Debney.

Track 7: The Genius of Paul Frees 4:01
A collection of out-takes and unused narration from the original Haunted Mansion, providing a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse at the work of Paul Frees. The voice of Marc Davis can be heard in the background, as he and X. Atencio direct the recording sessions.

Track 8: Otherworldly Music 3:32
World-renowned organist Gaylord Carter performed these unheard versions of the Haunted Mansion music under the direction of composer and Disney Legend Buddy Baker.

Track 9: Three Ghostly Voices 2:55
First, Eleanor Audley, who voiced several Disney animated villains, awakens "creepies and crawlies" with these out-takes from her recording sessions as Madame Leota and the Raven. Next, veteran Disney character actor Pete Renoudet gives a supernaturally good audition performance as the Ghost Host. And third, Imagineer Leota Toombs (who appeared as both the face of Madame Leota and the face and voice of Little Leota) is heard in these never-before-released vocal takes for Madame Leota.

Track 10: Spooky Sound Effects 4:48
Here are some of the eeriest music tracks and sound effects from the Haunted Mansion. Many of the sound effects were created by Disney Legend Jimmy MacDonald.

Track 11: Original Radio Advertisements 2:55
Original radio advertisements in the summer of 1969 featured Lennie Weinrib as the Daring Reporter, Ginny Taylor as the Ghost Son, and Paul Frees recreating his role as the Ghost Host, as well as playing the parts of Phineas Pock, Willie the Wisp, and Granny Ghoul.

Track 12: Breakdown and Unload Spiels 0:55
The show's writer, X. Atencio, provided his own voice for the foreboding "breakdown" spiels and some "unload" spiels that never materialized.

Additionally, the first 999 CDs sold contained a 13th Bonus Track:
Track 13: (Bonus Track) 1:58
In order to create "otherworldly" sounds, composer Buddy Baker experimented with new ways to create haunting music. For the flute player in the Graveyard Combo, he wrote out the sheet music for "Grim Grinning Ghosts" in a backwards order. The sound engineers then recorded the musician playing this reversed sheet music. When the tape is played "backwards" in the attraction, the melody once again becomes "Grim Grinning Ghosts," but with the air being pulled through the instrument in the opposite direction. Here is the isolated flute track-"backwards" as it is heard in the attraction, then, heard for the first time since Spring of 1969 when it was originally recorded, "forwards" as it was actually played. As the flute plays forwards, the drum track plays backwards. In order to create the sound of bones beating on a tombstone, the drummer counted out the rhythm while his drumsticks pounded on two rocks!

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