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Haunted Mansion collectibles and rarities for sale

Extremely limited editions and more!

The following items are collectibles for the serious Haunted Mansion aficienado. DoomBuggies only has a single copy of most items, so place your order now by sending email to chefmayhem@aol.com for an invoice with additional shipping , handling and insurance charges (actual shipping and insurance, plus $5 handling.) Most items are sold on consignment - if you would like to place items for sale on consignment, send an email for information. All items subject to prior sale. As priced for sale, these items may or may not exceed the official DoomBuggies.com estimate of collectible value; as is the case with most niche collectibles, the scarcity and current marketplace conditions have a large part in determining the value of Haunted Mansion memorabilia.

Disneyland 50th Anniversary Haunted Mansion Arm Sconce

Limited Edition of 999

Released in 2005, this resin and glass arm sconce, based on Rolly Crump's design as seen in the Haunted Mansion, sold out immediately and is a desirable collectible. Built-in wall hanger. $499.00


Disneyland Haunted Mansion 30th Anniversary Autographed LE Compact Disc

Limited Edition of 999

Released in 1999, this compact disc contains the soundtrack and various isolated and historical tracks from the Haunted Mansion attraction. Most importantly, the disc also contains an autographed card signed by both Buddy Baker and X Atencio, the songwriting team behind "Grim Grinning Ghosts." This original disc comes complete with the 999 seal distributed with purchase. SOLD $249.00

Disneyland Haunted Mansion 30th Anniversary "Dead End" Pin

Limited Edition of 700

This highly desirable pin was distributed only to attendees of the Haunted Mansion 30th anniversary event in 1999 at Disneyland. SOLD $175.00

Haunted Mansion Holiday Event Lithograph

Limited Edition of 200 - this is no. 24/200, signed by the artist

Disney Imagineer and concept artist Eric Robison created this piece in 2002 for the Haunted Mansion Holiday held at Disneyland in the fall of that year. 26" x 38"; rich colors on very heavy paper. Small ding in center left side of artwork; should be nearly unnoticeable when framed. $349.00

Haunted Mansion Concept Art Print, signed by Disney Legend Sam McKim

Signed at the Disney Gallery, Disneyland

Disney legend Sam McKim signed this print at the Disney Gallery in Disneyland. Image is framed and matted to 20" x 26" and is a cropped version of the Art of Disneyland Gallery print. Inscription "For Michael" has either been professionally removed or is an impression from a signature made on a print sitting atop this one; there is no trace of ink or damage to print, and inscription is only visible under extremely close inspection, nearly disappearing when viewed in frame. With double matte and black metal frame: $249.00

Haunted Attraction Magazine - Special Haunted Mansion Double Issue, Oct. 2002.

Issue contains multiple Haunted Mansion articles, including a tour of the attraction by Jeff Baham and Marc Davis' last interview. Signed on cover by Jeff Baham. $19.99.

Haunted Mansion Tarot Cards

Complete set of 5 tarot cards distributed to promote Walt Disney Pictures' "The Haunted Mansion" film. Rare collectible. $24.99.

Haunted Mansion Comic #1 (Red foil variant cover)

Issue number 1 of the critically-acclaimed Haunted Mansion comic book by SLG Publishing, with an embossed red foil variant cover. Rare. $24.99.



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